Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Mother


This watercolor I did in high school is of the most stunning sight we can see; the most powerful light in existence...Really there is nothing more beautiful than this awesome presence that surrounds us every day and every night....

even when we can't see it, this amazing light is there. 

Which is why I call this painting my mother.

 For those of you who like me, you should know that I am everything I am because of my mom.  Seriously...I blame her.

She is the one who told me I was an artist,

and insisted I start studying paint at a young age.

She gave me my first Dalai Lama book in high school,

and the Dream Yoga retreat that changed my life...


Also, as you know, my mom is gorgeous. (Leigh always says she has her ideal hair.) Absolutely stunning.

And hip. My mother is a fashion queen...

And smart...

She is skeptical about everything, and reads everything, 

she is informed, and a brilliant writer,

(she is a wonderful teacher)


And my mom is my greatest critic,

pushing and challenging me more than anyone else,

and at the same time, she supports me unrelentingly,

my spirituality, my sexuality, my study, my self...

my mom is the best mother in the world...

And now she is 60!, as beautiful as ever (just look at her!), as smart and hip and fun as ever...

Mom, I love you so much,

you are the reason I am. 

Thank you for being, and staying, and

teaching me what pure love can look like....

(I totally see why I chose you!)

Look at all you've done!!

Happy birthday!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


"We are the closest to death we have ever been."
We went to Koyasan, Kyoto, and Osaka.  
This is Leigh's favorite place in Koyasan: the hall of lanters. Here is a woman writing sutras. 

Here we are at the temple we stayed at, sitting in front of the Cosmic Buddha, Dainichi-nyorai. 

This cute novice prepared our breakfast. 

This monk shaved my head in the bathhouse (his idea). We became good friends. 

Here we are at the entrance to the forest graveyard. I always think of Lauren when I visit Koyasan. This was my sixth time! 
Nanzenji in Kyoto. 



Saturday, September 12, 2009

Progress at work


Here is a finished work, glued into the frame and everything. My dad and I bought these frames from Hobby Lobby while I was home for the summer, before we found out that Hobby Lobby gives money to Fred Phelps, leader of one of the most hated hate-groups in America.

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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