Saturday, October 30, 2010

work in progress

Here are a few of my new paintings. I have my big critique in front of professors, visitors, and other grad students coming up next week. None of these are quite finished, but you get the idea (dont you? I hope so). I hid some animals in "Backyard". Can you find them?

"All in All"
"Groin Vault"
"Where did they come from?"

And here is one of my contemporaries utilizing formal elements of stage magic in a completely new pictorial way. Hats off. Great ambient glitch music too.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chestnuts, Puja, and The Edge of Hell

Obhi Hazarika stopped by and ate dinner with us on my mother's birthday. Obhi, who used to be the drummer for MGMT, took me to India my first time in 2001. It was so good seeing him again.
Cat, Leigh, Wylie, and I spent an afternoon picking chestnuts at a local farm.
Every Thursday we have sitting meditation and vegi potluck at our house. It's so wonderful.
Eli and Raphael visited from out of town. Heaven on earth.
And here is Taka, Ishita, and Leigh at the Indian Puja we attended Saturday. Taka is an exchange student from Japan I've been acculturating (a favorite hobby of mine), taking him to the haunted houses downtown, queer dance parties, mexican restaurants, etc. After watching Shortbus at my house he said "My worldview has now been changed." I asked him how and he answered, "Because I could empathize with the gay and queer characters in the movie, I feel they are no different from me."

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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