Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lucky Me

Right now Shikoku is experiencing a serious swine flu scare. In the middle of the day at one of my schools, one of the kids was discovered to have a fever, and within minutes all the kids, every single one, had on a mask. It was surreal. 

The Dalai Lama is coming to Matsuyama!  
My god-son and his family came over for dinner. I made them Jane's vegetarian chili. 
Being the RA, I hosted a welcome party for all the new teachers in my area. 

Here I am with Katsu, who is dressed up in Visual-kei. That's him in the dress. 

Monday, August 24, 2009

more family pictures

(If you haven't tried out the Ken Wilber "pointing out instructions" to the right, I think you should. He is seriously an integral, dzogchen yogi-wizard, pulling instructions from all over the place while lucidly, psychoactively transmitting dzogchen/nondual instructions in an inter-national, inter-cultural way that opens up the mind into a feeling of Freedom and Absolute Subjectivity...highly recommended.) 
David and my new t-shirt. 
"'Says it all."
Mary Anne (Mommy) and David. 
Mom taking care of four things at once. She is amazing. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

busy week

I have been so busy since I returned to Japan...welcome parties, sayonara parties, orientations, ...it has been a very busy, and very sad, week. 
Goodbye onsen party for Tricia....i miss her so much! 
I went to Matsuyama to help teach the new teachers, and during the conference was Matsuyama's dance festival. Groups dressed up and paraded down the streets with choreographed dances...it was outstanding! Here are some kids doing hip-hop dance. 
cowboy theme
nursing home dance team. Young beautiful careworkers danced while pushing the elderly, who danced wildly in their wheel-chairs...i wanted to eat the entire scene!
That's Obama sitting own. 

I met my friend Daisuke there. 
The next morning the Yanagi's invited me and Deena, a new ALT, to their home for Obon breakfast. Obon is Japan's memorial day. We got to their home at 10:30 and found most everyone already drunk. They really wanted to get us drunk too.  I drank my sake slowly...it was so early!
Here is Masaki in front of the family shrine. Framed pictures of his father and little brother covered the walls.  They died a few years ago, remember. The father had heart problems, and the brother was hit by a drunk driver. 
Amazing breakfast. I've never had sake that early in the morning. 
I got to spend time with Dennis and Yukiko, who were visiting from Canada. Isn't Yukiko gorgeous? 
Jarod's welcome party, burrito party...here we all are making our breakfast burritos. Mexican food has become more holy since i moved to japan four years ago. You don't even think about it till it's gone. And i teach that mexican food is distinctly north-american--its our indigenous food, our cultural food, if we were to have one. Beans!!!

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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