Saturday, August 01, 2009

Kansas City:

Fireflies! Tattoos! Aggressive driving, dirty feet, awkward silences, and little bunnies hopping all over the place.  They are so cute.“Yes, but they eat our herbs and flowers.” My dad tells me. “Small price to pay to have cute bunnies hopping all over our yard!” I reply. We don't get bunnies on my Island in Japan. 

I finally got to spend time with my soul-mate lover Raphael, which was amazing.  I haven’t seen him in years! And last night Michael Garfield got me into a drum-n-bass event for free to watch him live-paint. He set up an easel by the outside stage and used paint-pens to draw a crowd. I'm a huge MG fan, and the more people who get to talk with the great Michael Garfield, the better. Part of me thinks that this new passion of Michael’s--live-painting--is really just the universe’s way of getting more people in touch with him. The outside pod-stage featured some great live drum-n-bass, sometimes with piano, guitar, and trumpet to jazz  it up. KC Jazz is great. The event ended around 3. Afterwards was a surprise visit to Cat’s new house. We stayed up all night talking about 2012 on her porch beneath an amazing Kansas thunderstorm.  Please read Michael’s brilliant article about 2012 here. You will love it.

And tonight I'm going out with Kyle Markham, who has been my Kansas City host this year; he takes me places, gives me gifts, buys me drinks, surrounds me with beautiful friends...he is a great, great, generous Native brother.  I'm so lucky!!!!

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