Friday, July 24, 2009


Martha is letting me use her old cell phone. 913-909-1651
Kapibara likes to sleep on top of Boo. 

The Great Michael Garfield with David Garfield. 
My sister woke up. 
"What was that noise?"
"Nothing, just Boo. How are the babies?"
Martha and I are babysitting tonight. Well, she is, mostly. I'm going over to my good friend Kyle's house to talk about psychedelic art, surrealism, Japan, and watch the new X-Men movie.  
Kyle asked me hard questions like, "What does Japan have that America doesn't? Why are you still living there?"  It's a hard one to answer, and yet at the same time answers flow out of me like a waterfall.

These babies are a handful! Two at once! I'm glad I can help give Mary Anne and Bubba a night off. Aunt Martha and U-David to the rescue! My sister's boyfriend's 7 year-old son came up with that. He needed a solution to a problem fast. 
"You are going to be U-David, and he will be N-David, or just David, okay?"
"That's brilliant." I said. Kids are so creative. (In fact, imagery from childhood  is a very useful tool(box) when making art.  
I wrote more about that here

N-David is hilarious. 

"Can you believe that these are your new blood relatives!?" Martha. 
Holy God, I'm so lucky!!!


Abigail said...

Those photos are so lovely! I especially like the tongue one. hehehe

Molly said...

I just cried a little thinking about the joy your family must be experiencing. Love me the Titteringtons! Say hi for me.

Terri said...

the cheeks! the eyes! the little baby bits! ooohh, the proud proud uncle! love you!

Briohny said...

So... cute... actually... painful...
How did you stand it? How?
Love. xo.

Mark Harman said...

DAVID!!! They are so adorable!! I love the U-David name... that is great.

Alicia Cox said...

U-David, your new niece and nephew are beautiful!

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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