Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Weekend

What a weekend! Friday we ate dinner with Keisuke and his family and then took him to karaoke. It was a Micheal Jackson marathon. Caleb, George, Josh, Chris, and a bunch of other friends joined us for like four hours, and then Keisuke took Caleb, Chris and I to his favorite host bar.

A host bar in Japan is where hostesses go to relax after work. It's a fancy bar with young beautiful boy bartenders and young, done-up beautiful Japanese women. There is something for everyone. (this movie is recommended). Keisuke wanted to hear more Micheal Jackson songs, so Chris and I ended up singing We Are the World, and some strange version of Amazing Grace, which Keisuke thought was a Micheal Jackson song.

 Luckily, one of the hosts was the guitarist from Kungfu.
Keisuke paid for everything, as usual. There is amazing generosity over here. 

Saturday we went to Kashima (Deer Island) for a goodbye party and to camp with about 50 other English teachers and their friends. We had our skinny dipping and our bon fire. We had our moonlight love making and drunk arguing. We even had a sumo match, which really was an amazing thing. The beach was alive with tradition.

Deer Island takes about 20 minutes to walk all the way around and is covered in forest with dazzling deer. And we had it all to ourselves, all night.

In the morning those of us who slept woke up to beautiful Japanese families walking though our campsite, fresh off the ferry and ready to spend the day swimming or fishing at the beach. The island also had a rather impressive shrine,from which taiko drums announced the morning hours (just as the church bells do in the west).

We left the island in the late-afternoon, and headed to an onsen. I'm now at Calebs, celebrating his 25th birthday. I feel great. How do you feel?

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Briohny said...

Josh is a TV person? I didn't know! Mind you, I think the only thing that he could do that would surprise me would be fail to surprise me. Damn! Want to stay longer!

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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