Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Today, after work, riding home on my bike, the cool autumn breeze chills my chest, my face full of red-orange sunlight sees sitting still in the empty park a wheelchair adorned with an old, old lady, very old, and next to her a younger woman squatting, holding her hand, both looking quietly, without movement, at a lonely little pigeon directly in front of them. I pass by quickly, but their stillness, all three, sitting still, it shocked me somehow, like some secret was whispered into my heart, some subtle truth thumped out of that scene, holding, holding, holding on. Rushing home, I record another song, put on some tea, prepare to paint, answer the door, take the package, open it, assemble my internet, and then, alas, here we are.

Charlie wanted me to post the drawing I made for Lauren, so here it is. pen on rice paper.
And please check out the Ken Wilber link i just added. This video blows my mind.

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Trix said...

David! I love the painting!

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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