Wednesday, May 02, 2007

God's Secret

Saturday was a busy day.

First, I woke up early and went to Matsuyama with this beautiful mother of my friend Kaori. We went to go see an art exhibit and while talking about nature and art I had an idea that even though art might try and fail at copying the infinite beauty of nature (I think of Chagall's quote: "Art is the unceasing effort to compete with the beauty of flowers---and never succeeding.”) It has something nature does not. While nature has an infinite amount of rightness and detail and interconnection, art contains the inspired consciousness of the human that created it. Art contains a human nervous system, brain, and also the emotions and experiences of that person and their culture. So, in a way, the art contains more depth. It contains the evolution of the planet, climaxing so far in the unbelievably complex human brain and spirit. So Nature has infinity, but Art contains depth. This idea can bring art back from being sent to timeout for being a shallow, pale copy and poser of the wonderful, radiant Nature. just an idea.

So then I came home and cleaned for a party. I have parties when I decide my apartment is getting too messy. This then forces me to clean it. And to help me was my friend Misa and her mom who stopped by just to do that: help me clean my house for the party. "We've come to play." They said. The mom then immediately began cleaning veggies and doing my dishes. Here is Misa folding my clothes and a picture of the shoes by my door. About 35 people showed up.

My boss taught me the Japanese for mysterious or “full of wonder” today. It’s Shimpi, which literally means “God’s Secret.” He then said, “The color of the lake deep in the mountains is God’s Secret.” That made my consciousness turn bright green. He then said, I kid you not: “Nature is made from Full of Wonder, by Full of Wonder, in Full of Wonder." He pored himself some coffee, smiled at me, and then went back to his desk.

Before the party i went to Saijo to see a Butoh

performance. I met a few danceres and their teacher, a Natural Physical Poet

who gave me a big hug after he met me. This beautiful, old, earthy man reminded me of what Gary Snyder’s friend Nanao Sakaki

must be like (this then made me think of Eli who is a big fan of both poets) and my heart erupted like Mt. Etna. He told me to come visit him on his farm in Kagoshima.

This is known as the most beautiful place in all japan so I definitly will.
So, the dancers told me about a perfomance in Nagoya and it just so happens that the dancer performing is one of my all time favorites.
You can see a dance he recently performed in tokyo here

. I really like the end. I hope you watch the whole thing. cant wait to see him in person.

I think that art, (whatever it is), as well as music, is a mystery that proves that the universe loves to listen to, and look at, itself.

Above are pics from our morning trip to the Zen temple, as well as the updates of two paintings. Thanks for reading!

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