Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Findings

You never know what you are going to learn.
I was eating ramen and the owner, a beautiful woman in her 40’s, said, “David, your hair sure grows fast. You must be erotic!”
eh? I asked my friend eating with me and it turns out that in Japanese culture, men with fast growing hair are thought to be more sexual. And interestingly, the opposite is true for women; women with slow growing hair are the perverts. My friend smiled at me and said, "Japanese culture."

Also, this year Japan has had 15 tornadoes, which is strange considering this is the first time in history tornadoes have appeared here. Crazy.

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Mark Harman said...

Silly Japanese culture... hey, I just checked out your website. I love the new way to view your artwork with Flash. Good stuff right there!

I just uploaded my rough demo reel to my website. Check it out!


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