Friday, January 25, 2008


I think I'll call this new painting "informing." What do you think?

Snowed all day. Woke up to a gray light covering all space. Then, the snow began to fall, and layers upon layers of silent static shimmering and surrounding. White sky, white land. White on white. Light on light. Some friends and I walked to the shrine, and listened to the quiet tapping of a thousand crystal fingers playing off the leaves. It’s not rain, but snow we could hear. Like listening to rain slowed down and muffled from beneath a blanket. At sunset, a blue light blanketed everything, and I felt cold but wonderful. Then the darkness dissolved the blue light into a gray, and I walked to the grocery store, snow still falling. Beneath a streetlight, I saw countless tiny round shadows playing and skating across the snow in different directions. I’d never seen anything like it. New sight, new mind.


Anonymous said...

i like it -- it's thought provoking;) mya

lauren said...

i like it, but i think you should put a space between "in" and "forming"

J&S said...

Hi David,
I discovered your blog via Integral Naked and believe you to be a kindred spirit! I too am affected by art, spirituality, mysticism, integral studies, buddhism, sacred geometry, patterns, etc. but even more interesting is that in the last week I ordered a copy of holosync demo and also experiencing majour paradigm shifts as I read Tolle's A New Earth, both of which you mention in your recent posts. I am also a shiatsu therapist and so naturally I have a love for things Japanese. Anyway, your poetry, writing style, youtube links--and especially your painting--are totally inspiring! Thank you!

I'm exploring photography right now and I thought you might appreciate some of my landscape/pattern photos at



May all beings be Free and in Love.

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