Friday, February 29, 2008

Exploring Chaos/Order

Please visit Yasu's Blog. It's full of amazing photos and tiny one-line poems which, like Engrish, are both profound and humorous. for example:

"controlled by kaffein, which is not real life...who am i?"

Early this morning I placed another layer into this painting.

"Someday after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love. And then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will discover fire." -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
"Out of chaos comes order." -Saul Williams
I'd say out of chaos SPINS order.
Part 3 of Michael's interview with Ken Wilber is now up on his blog! Here is an excerpt:

MG: So, as a musician who wants to communicate a message of love to the world, basically, I have to get two things straight. Which would be that I have to be a skilled communicator, and I need to develop myself in whatever ways are relevant to the medium in which I'm attempting to express that message. But the other is that I actually have to be in love. For it to be a totally authentic message, I actually have to be in a loving state of mind when I'm engaging my work.

I was thinking of calling this new painting "Chaos and Order." That is one of it's themes. But so are the colors red, yellow, black, and green.

In Japanese they say "Chaos and Cosmos." A little different image, yes? "Order" can imply and organizing. "Put the books in order." I like seeing the Cosmos (Kosmos) as the Order. The Cosmos do appear like a chaos continually spinning and spiraling into existence and into order. Chaos, or evolution, drifts into more and more complex order. But it all comes out of or from within an emptiness or space or void. Let me ask you a question: Is the vast, one, silent, empty Space of the universe chaos or order? Is the number one chaos or order? Chaos implies spontaneity, and the one suddenlty popping into existence seems very chaotic to me. Also, to experience order maybe we must perceive a beat, or a repeating or predictability. Order can imply growth, wheres chaos is unchanging unpredictability, unmoving in its inability to be anything ordered or evolving. So the unmoving/unchanging is pure chaos. However, the concept "one" only has meaning when compared to two, and thus, they arise as a pair, which demonstrates order. But that one pair, as a unit, is a singular.brining back the infinitum. Perhapses empty space is both, or neither, and chaos and order only apply to forms existing within it (or because of it). I like thinking about how the pair "chaos and order" themselves make up a symmetrical order of lawfully opposing opposites. It's also interesting how "out of order" in English can mean 'created from order' or also 'out of use' as in out of function or broken. Or in a courtroom: "Out of order!" or "The books are out of order." At a restaurant "can I take your order?" all the meanings have a similar nuance of certainty or predictability or value.
Listen to this dialog with a doctor:
"Is everything in order, Sir?"
"No, it is out of order."
"Well, maybe in order for it to become in order, we will need to run out of Chaos. You have too much chaos in your life."
"Run out of Chaos?"
"There is an infinite amount of Chaos. I will never run out. Besides, Chaos is spontaneity, and without that, Jazz looses almost everything."
"You are right. In order to have good Jazz, some chaos is in order. Well then, I order you to go home tonight, order some Chaos, and relax."
"You order me?"
"Yes. That's an order."
"And do you mean 'order chaos' or 'order chaos'?"
"Order some chaos. And tip the delivery boy."
"Any delivery boy that brings me chaos gets no tip from me! Hah!"
"When your chaos is finally in order, and your order is in chaos, in that order, give me a call and I`ll order you some more."
"Thank you Doctor. Thank you for my order."
Riddle: What did God say to religion?
"You order me."
What did the religions say to God?
"You order me."

What did the zen master say to the Tao?
"you order/chaos me."
What did the nondualist say to the Tao?
"You are(der) me."
Ha ha ha. That`s enough for now. I hope you enjoy your chaos/spontaneity/asymmetry today!
and in that order!


David said...

Brother David,
I love love love the way your new painting is taking form! It is amazing! It looks like a swirling galaxy is forming.
I have recently been watching various BBC shorts on the stars and our planets. It is mind blowing.
I hope to speak with you soon.

Anonymous said...


Your new painting captures the feeling I have when I am alone in the woods. Magic. I am always amazed by how you can make oil paint sparkle.

Molly M

J&S said...
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J&S said...

I'm planning to spontaneously procrastinate someday...

I would love to be able to watch the process of your painting in quicktime... to see the choices you make and how it all comes together so incredibly spontaneously ordered! Despite all my art education and experience your works leave me speechless. Cheers.

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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