Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tree House Gallery

Here is the newest version of "Closure." I'm almost done.

Please watch this TEDtalks video when you get a chance. It is amazing.

Also, my cousin Mark, now a talented animator, put his digital coffee shop up on his website, here.

And here is a good update on the Tibet situation (Security forces have sealed off three monasteries in the Tibetan city of Lhasa after protests earlier this week)

Above is a picture of the Tree House Gallery in Himeji. I will be showing a few of my smaller paintings here in May. For the postcard I used the painting "Remembrance," pictured below. This tiny gallery is a 3 minute walk from the most beautiful castle in all Japan.

And, in remembrance, here is an old blog post I'd like to share again:

Thursday, November 17, 2005

an ocean of light waves, filling in forms.

today was laced with a dreamy glow that came with the morning sun. the crisp light, golden, was the transparent tongues of the angels, quietly licking the morning, leaving a coat of shimmering into which effortless, spacious playfulness burst into being, into mind--the light, easy, soft, effortless, spacious clear light in all things.

Sunlight and mindlight is happening all around. I respond to it by blinking. All forms float in emptiness like bubbles on a river, catching light and thunder off the softest clouds imaginable. That is one way to describe the dreamy glow that filled the day today.

I'm reminded of something Bob said. Light transcends but includes all things.


chrisromain said...

The wind blows through "Rememberance." The light pours around the shadows in a dance that the grass joins in. I LOVE THIS PAINTING!

Jenny said...

wow...... David .... I love all of your paintings ... but this one ("Closure") takes my breath away. ... you never cease to amaze me and fill me with awe and inspiration and delight and love.
I was so happy to find the invitation to your exhibition in my post box - and I'd dearly love to come, but I'm working in a remote and isolated school on the far northern tip of Australia - not far from New Guinea - and life is quite primitive and different here... and very expensive to fly out of. "Remembrance" is so beautiful too - I find something new hidden in it every day.
Thank you.
I can still feel your warmth too.
PS ... I miss Japan ...

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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