Monday, June 02, 2008

Avant Garde Animation and Avant Garde Christianity

"Hello! We shouldn't be a slave of ourselves." My boss emailed me that today, completing a conversation we had at work about detachment and how it includes detachment from ideas such as detachment, as well as how the state of nirvana is actually "unsticking the wheel of mind," which is remaining free from fixed ideas, so that the mind can move and react freely, which is what "the turning of the wheal of dharma" means actively. Crazy profound conversations with my boss at work.

I have just stumbled upon this great example of truly avant garde animation, embedded below. It's really quite impressive, at times even breathtaking/ disturbing. ('reminds me of some of those "Mind's Eye", "Liquid Reality," "Liquid Mind" computer animation movies, (which were avant garde in the 90s), that my mom made me watch when I was little in order to help "induce creativity and liberation from the norm". "Robin Williams also uses it with his family, you know." she would say.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

This avant garde goes beyond but also includes all the previous avant gardes. In content or style, we can perceive the entire spectrum of ideas, reaching all the way back into the dark magic and primal fears of our primitive bodies. Our history of trauma, as living beings, goes back as far as our history of consciousness, and that great breadth of content is felt within the avant garde, don't you think?

More great animation
This family guy clip is radical (I used to have pet frogs).

I almost peed my pants. You should watch the entire episode; It is so horribly funny.

And here is Father Thomas Keating talking about Vatican II. And I tell ya this is some very high level religious thinking, unbelievable sometimes, and even Christ-exciting ("Christ" in this case meaning Universal Love). That breath of fresh air Keating speaks of must feel so purifying, so divine, so good, beautiful, and true, when the heart can finally open it's windows and stretch out past ethnic and religious borders to embrace a wider family. Amen! That trans-religious insight carries with it a trans-religious compassion, on its way to becoming a truly global, cosmic, and then totally unconditional love. Keating speaks of the evolutionary drift towards a Love without end, and how more and more people are experiencing and taking part in this tide of Unconditional, Universal Love. Since the Vatican II, the Roman Catholic windows have been opened, and their contemplative cores, practices, and fruits revealed for all who care. Vatican II is kind of like proof that there are indeed postmodern (and even post-post modern) currents in Christianity, so we needn't loose hope. This is one wise and hip old man.

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