Monday, November 16, 2009


My butoh dancer friend Yasuchika Konno has a new website up, and a new performance. You might want to see this. It is, at times, breathtaking.

another picture of the Dalai Lama in Niihama.

Junya, my beautiful brother from Tokushima, came over last night with one of his amazing friends, Olu, who he met in Oklahoma. Olu will be moving to Niihama January to work at an English conversation school. It was an honor hosting them.

And one of my last views of Terri. I miss her already.

the tree was cold and wet, which made the bark a wonderful purple. And i got to see Terri play. It was her first time to The Tree.

I took some purikura (tiny little sticker photos) for my students. We do purikura exchange.
you can see more here.


Terri said...

David, the painting is growing wonderfully. The deep wine colours in there are very interesting, they create a feel different from your other tree paintings. Nice.

Thanks for the beautiful photos of me and everyone/thing else! Do you see the ghost in the top left corner of your new photo of the Dalai Lama??!

I love and miss.

David said...

Your artwork sucks my mind in, then treats it to a new world of delights!
I have a piece of yours hung in my new living room, everyone who comes to visit me comments on the magic of it.
Lucky me, I get to see the beauty in the painting everyday, and know the beauty in you!

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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