Sunday, February 21, 2010

puddles, this weekend

Can you spot four changes between the two pictures above?

"Goodbye chickens! Don't worry, I will be back soon."
the 2-year-old spoke slowly and clearly before closing the window and climbing back into the room..

somebody drew this on my kapibara stationary.
"Are you getting fresh with me

subtle gradations mixing into each other....
A new purikura for my students.
Kids watching Caleb try to win a wii at the movie store.
Celebrating Matt's birthday in Matsuyama. Everyone is so damn beautiful! I like these people very much..gonna miss them dearly, for sure.
Then yesterday I got to help my friends fix up their new old house. Kanta, their 2-year-old son, played dangerously around the unfinished house while we worked stuccoing the walls with "keisoudo," a kind of Japanese diatomite. I was amazed that this little kid could play with knives-he helped slice us all bread for lunch!-drills, hammers, climb around old rusty furniture, and play with chickens all barefoot, with his parents completely ok with it. He'd knock stuff over, spill things, put holes in paper walls--he spent a lot of time pressing the empty electronic drill into the steel kitchen sink, making beautiful music..The parents (who are pure light) just laughed and laughed. Their genius kid didn't hurt himself once, or cry..and I saw him step on some pretty sharp stuff.

Afterwards I went to see the band Aun play at Niihama's livehouse. That is the lead singer Katsu on the right. I've known Katsu for over four years now. Miss him already.


Helena said...

Very interesting blogs you have here. Are the Japan blogs the ones you're updating?

mika said...

Thank you so much, and please come to help again!

Terri said...


I'm so happy that you went to see the Black Pond Family and help with their home! Thank you for being so wonderful. Your light will fill their home always.

Already realizing goodbye, aren't you? I love you, David!

Anonymous said...

i love wonderful people and adorable children! thank you for sharing :) tell katsu hi!!! it's always so nice to see pictures of him and good to hear some of his music on that link. love! stacey :)

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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