Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tokyo Story

I first visited Daifuku in Osaka for one last dinner together. Daifuku gave me the traditionalOmiyage gift to give to Satoru, even though he has never even met him, because Satoru will be taking care of me in Tokyo...I love it.

And here he is! Satoru!!! This boy took good care of me all weekend.

We spent all day Saturday visiting galleries. I got to see most of my favorite contemporary Japanese painters.
Art sometimes acts as a spotlight onto the diseased parts of culture, in this case the terrifying objectification of young girls in Japan. He often depicts girls as food, smiling and giggling as they are being destroyed. . . this is a big painting, and the detail is magnificent; each one of those girls is beautifully drawn..
Machida Kumi
Yoyogi park.
Yoyogi park was having a hippy flee market... look at her hair! real?

And it's right next to Harajuku station, where all the kids dress up and parade around showing off their kickass fashion.
a couple visual-K guys.
Here is Kazu talking to his bird, "Bird".
I jammed with some beat-boxers at Yoyogi park.
And i got to finally see a crystal ball guy...Yoyogi park is the best. Ensembles play through the park, so walking around is like listening to a live album, for free! and there are performers who get to shine, and artists, and sports, and...everything.

This beautiful couple was fighting on the train.
We ate dinner with Nic and Namiko, who are getting married next weekend! Yoshi (far right) met us there. It was so great seeing him again.

We met Kazu at this fishing park next to the station. This place was so interesting. pools were filled with carp, and tiny polls were used to catch them. You pay by the hour, and then weigh your catch at the end for points. Hey, even people in the big city need to fish....

Satoru took me to one of his friend's bar, and there we met some traveler's from Spain. We got along very well, spent most of the time talking about Kukai and Yukio Mishima. They invited me to stay with them at their place in Spain!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey my best friend, are you enjoying your time?? I know you do. You only have a few weeks for Japan life. Im so happy I could be your help to walk around Tokyo.
And Akafuku was delicious!! I love that! Look Daifuku!! I enjoyed your gift!! And paying great thanks for you!!!!
Anyhow, I miss you buddy. Tell me your flight date and number. If I could, I would be there.
Big love and fun for you life.

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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