Thursday, February 03, 2011

A poll and my trip to Colorado!

I had the best time skiing in Colorado this weekend, let me tell ya. Pictured above are the buddies I met on the trip: Casey, in yellow, is the best man and organized everything. I went to High school with him but we ran in different crowds and never met. Despite our ideological differences, however, we got along very well. He is a great guy, so generous, and looks exactly like Mathiew Kassovitz from Amelie. Next is Ben, a beautiful Messianic Jew from KC who, at 28 years old, already has five kids! What a lucky guy! I didn't even know about Messianic Judaism until this trip. He and I got along very well. And then there is Kyle, the bachelor getting married in May. Kyle is one of my best KC friends who has supported me ever since I met him in high school glee. He is a great skier, with such a cool family. Last on the bench is his uncle Steve, who is a mirror image, in looks and behavior, of Bill Murray, no joke.
Here is Kyle getting ready to destroy our first run. The weather was PERFECT the entire weekend.
All over Breckenridge and Denver I saw these hydroponic growing supply shops. Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, I guess this is the business to be in.
We stayed at Kyle's uncle Mike's farm house way out in the country; no lights, only endless stars. Mike is a farmer and flyer, who built his own Kitfox-style plane in his two-car garage years ago and now takes people up to skydive. The wings, made of essentially thin plastic sheets, fold out. Ducktape and twisted wire hold the windshield in place. Here Mike is demonstrating how the skydiver balances and then jumps from the tire. He and his partner Marsha were amazing hosts, and heroes, in my book. They are living one of my dreams....

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