Saturday, March 26, 2011

San Francisco with Takashi

Muir Woods. It was A LOT like Mt. Koya, only no thousand-year-old stone path, graveyard, and the forest floor wasn't covered in shines, temples, totems, and buddhas. But besides that "lack", the park was wonderful, and Alicia came with us! The five of us picnicked and then hiked the "Lost Trail," found the river, stacked some stones and drank some wine.

Takashi and I went went to SFMOMA and saw great, great art.
Here we are in the Brancusi.
Thoth and Tribal Baroque. We experienced them, alongside Song Preservation Society and some other amazing groups and solo artists at the Starry Plow open mic night.

Jazz show at Cafe International in the city.
Takashi sleeping on the couch next to a painting I made with Gabriele, one of our hosts.
Here is the amazing house we stayed at in North Berkeley. Raphaele and his two roommates were great hosts. I miss them already.

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