Saturday, September 17, 2011

Best Sister Ever

My sister Jane, who is in town from Atlanta for the week, stopped by school this morning to give me a coffee! It's a delicious organic coffee from The Merc with soy creamer. Today from 11 till 2 I'm working the Saturday Life Drawing Session as "Instructor." The room is filled with high school students (some from Kansas City) with permission slips from their parents saying it's ok to study the nude human form. Life Drawing is also a great way to get into the nondual Flow state. "Relax your line!" God this coffee tastes good.

Last night I saw Drive. Mr. White from Breaking Bad and the red-haired goddess from Mad Men flanked the mysterious adonis Ryan Gosling in an interesting mix of poetic, artsy, subtle love story with sensational Noe-like graphic violence.

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