Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where is his memory stored?

I don't even know what to believe when people can survive with no brain and even thrive in some cases. There is that psychologically healthy man with hydrocephalus who didn't even know he had no brain and graduated with a mathematics degree and 126 IQ, the only default being that had a slightly larger-than-normal scull!. Some researcher noticed this and asked to take a look and found that this kid's head was empty, or, well, it was full of spinal fluid, but no brain. He did have a kind of brain though; the thin, millimeter of brain-cell film inside his scull, the neuro-network and bacteria of his body, and the “extended mind” of our material culture, or course. The complex network of perception was there, and I guess that alternative brain, along with the reptilian brain stem regulating his heart beat and what not, were enough of a base for mind, by God. Hell, they were plenty of base considering how smart he was! Maybe the normal, fatty brain is just spinal fluid in jelly form, lol. Elliot says this guy’s brain literally melted. Eric says "see?, our thoughts DO exist inside water." So obviously all our brainwaves (and image sustaining brainwave synchrony) exist regardless of the specific nature of their material base. Maybe any fatty fluid will work. But WHERE are his memories stored again? Anyone? They can’t just come from our material things aka exograms, (albeit material things, like cookies, do evoke their creative, synesthetic emergence). The interior, non-locatable “engrams” also exist, according to neuropsychologists, and maybe Sheldrake and the Buddhist mythologies got it right and there are subtle material fields of thought, intention, memory, energy, and even bodies that exist within but also beyond the physical fate of the gross material body. Maybe this alleged “astral body,” who we are when we dream at night, is what transmigrates at death, Idk. The Buddhists make it clear that even in the “reincarnation” reality there is no permanent “self” that lives on but rather there is a strong intention, or motivating wish that lives on like a ripple and even if parts of our personality are tied to that “indestructible drop,” the personal memories about who I am “dies with the brain-body.” anyone else thinking about this kind of stuff?

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