Friday, July 12, 2013

Brush Creek Ranch

I am the luckiest boy on earth! Here are a couple pictures of the ranch by photography professor Dan Larkin, who works in the studio next to mine. Five out of the eight of us are professors. Conversations around the dinner table and campfire are incredible. Charles Nichols, a composer, lived in Matsumoto with Suzuki sensei when he was younger, studying violin, and he is currently reading Sheldrake's new book Science Set Free, which, for those of you in the know, means he's awsome Marie Dorsey is half Japanese and we practice speaking nihongo all the time.  She looks and acts just like Mrs. Yanagi, my Japanese mother. Samantha Schaefer is a jazz vocalist and poet, and owns every Bobby Mcferrin album. We like to sing circle songs together.

The tiny neighboring town of Saratoga has a hot spring open 24 hours a day that we visited last night. All kinds of people from the community were there. Next to the hot spring is a drive through liquor store/taxidermy shop. I'll post more pics asap! 

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Hildegarde said...

This is awesome!

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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