Sunday, December 14, 2014

Infinity Imagined

Michel Serres, the great philosopher of science, likes to use the experiment of touching one’s own lips to point out how we are a subject and an object, a knower and known, simultaneously. Try it! Touch your lips like you are trying to quiet someone and feel first-hand how one moment you are in your finger, feeling your lips, and then in the next you are in your lips, feeling your finger! Feel yourself oscillate between the two positions effortlessly, naturally. In this simple activity, where are “you”? You’re in two places at once! How can this be? From a direct, first person experience, you are both the feeling of a subject knowing and you are an object known. You are inside and outside, self and no-self, emptiness and form at once with a gesture. Amazing!

I found a great new blog called Infinity Imagined with beautiful gifs and ideas you will love if you love space and science.

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