Sunday, July 24, 2005


I just got into Tokyo. I am very tired. This city is amazing. Walking around tonight with some new friends I saw so many bikes and motorcycles parked on the sidewalks and NONE of them were locked up. And the city smells good and is clean. I share a room at our hotel with two roommates who I already met in Chicago because both of them are going to my island (and they are great). Everyone, all the JET’s are so beautiful. I think we are all just radiating a subtle kind of bliss energy or excitement to meet each other.
My hotel has 47 floors and is the nicest I have ever seen. TO unlock the room door, for example, all we have to do is hold our key up to a little black pad by the handle. We get free toothbrushes and slippers. The toilet has a computer and talks. Well, I don’t know if it talks, but it looks like is should. From the top floor the city looks like a gray carpet dusted with lights. There a shit ton of JETs here. 1500 I think for this orientation. JETs from all over the world. And a bunch of old jets in orange t-shirts met us at the airport lining the halls like streetlamps. No way anyone could get lost or make a wrong turn. Then at the hotel, again, more orange people. Tomorrow morning we start the seminars about the Japanese school system and teaching children and whatnot. NOw, i read about Harry and sleep. ON the plain ride i saw about 20 people reading the new Harry Potter.

may peace flow though us all like waterfalls, flushing us free of worry.

first day of orientation. we recieved teaching materials, books, and, to my surprise adn relief, we recieved american history books, economic, fun facts, and a few others. i went to a LGBT JET conference, about 50 people showed up. All beautiful.


~Kelley~ said...

Congratulations, David! Have a beautiful (crowded) time, darling boy!

Josh said...

Hey David.

Wow, Tokyo is very colorful. An artist's dream?


May all beings be Free and in Love.

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