Monday, December 05, 2005

great advice

Winter came today. All of sudden its freezing, and the schools don’t have heating or insulation so we just freeze all day. Very strange. The kids carry around these heater packs. I think I should get some of those. Today I saw I nice boy with this pencil case. I asked him if he know what it sad. He didn’t.

Yesterday I went to a flower-arranging exhibit at a local gallery. The gallery space was beautiful, with one of its four wall made of glass revealing a large, lush, dense Japanese garden. I asked how much it costs for a week and it’s only about 80 bucks so I will have a show there in the spring I think.

Saturday night I went out to eat with my Kenpo group and we ended the night at a “snack bar.” These are tiny bars that have female bartenders, about one for every three guests. They entertain, talk to you, sing karaoke, and give you snacks and drinks (chocolate, nuts, chips. snacks.).

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