Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ska and sea breeze

Here is an aerial pic of niihama. i live in the top center. This week my friend Dave is visiting me from Tokyo and yesterday we went to Tambara to have English pancakes with Abby and David. Three davids in one room. Afterwards we went to Imabarai to dance at a Ska/Rockabilly/punk show. I met so many people and danced to old ska songs that I used to skank to in middle school. Warm happy. We stayed in Imabari with a friend and in the morning visited a temple where I found a shrine dedicated to Paintbrushes (those are paintbrushes on the offering block). We then walked along the beach beneath the gray blanket of sky, the trash and seashells sang the song of creation. my eyes filled with tears when I saw the distant mountains covered in cloud, the waves of the ocean ushered me to that painful place where I know that this earth is dreamy and divine and mine to delight. The train ride home was lazy warm golden seashell conversations covered in railroad rhythms half awake half asleep.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for blessing us with some sunshine on saturday. Always a pleasure to see you David.


Anonymous said...

I saw an Architects show this weekend. The Gadgits all grown up, couldn't stay for all of it. But talk about Homestead nastalgia. -M

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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