Thursday, March 30, 2006

For Trisha

This is a response to Trisha’s comment (Which I love, especially the idea of a gallery of murals of personal unfoldment (and enfoldment). I got the idea for the new painting (see below) from a number of places, one of which would have to be my own "unconscious" because much of the actual painting was "doodled,” or unplanned, but instead occurred directly out of my presence. The planned part, the birds, was only planned as subject matter (and even that thought "Oo, put in the birds!" occurred to me out of some unknown dimension). Their placement in the trees was spontaneous, as was their magical number and balance. The composition, that is, the hemisphere on the bottom with circles detaching (or returning) and trees at the top) I came up with at work yesterday. It appeared in my mind, I drew it, and I liked it. Ever since childhood I have painted and studied underwater worlds (maybe an infantile oceanic thing), and bubbles have a very profound spiritual meaning for me (they are glorious spheres, so other worldly, perfect reflection mirrors, reflecting a single light a thousand times, and they are empty, illusory, fleeting, like a dream, like a thought, like life itself). So, intellectually, the blunt, but beautiful reality of crows sitting in a naked tree is rooted in a world of illusory, impermanent dream bubbles, arising from the depths of the great Void Abyss Nothingness that was there before the Universe Began, and is there right now in the deepest part of you, reading this page, and thinking these thoughts (the Source of all). Or maybe it’s about evolution, from darkness to bubbles to birds. But that is all intellectual-- words describing something that did not come up intellectually (I didn’t have any of those THOUGHTS while painting or drawing. I worked on intuition, on feeling, on flow, on presence. I just did what felt right at the Moment.

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