Thursday, July 13, 2006

I' been crashed

My computer crashed yesterday. I’ve been collecting music and pictures and working on the thing for years. but then again, I've been working on this body for 23 years now and its going to crash some day soon as well. its all preparation. I’m glad the universe crashed my computer to give me good practice for when it will crash my mind and body. Also, preparation for when my family members and friends will die. And yet, I am also sad that it happened now, before I could finish the goodbye movie I was making Jackie. Damn you, universe! you pick the most.... perfect times to teach us.
“Letting go, I have everything”
(also, its not as sad as he bombings in Mumbai, for example.)


Anonymous said...

I hope your 23 year old body doesn't crash too soon--hope for another few decades (like 7) of David Titterington!

J said...

... impermanence ...

Rick Winfrey said...

I`m sorry to hear about your computer...I have a cd in the works for you.

Are you looking for a denki jishou? Depending on what purpose you want to use it for, I would suggest two.
For basic word look up, I would recommend the Cannon Word Tank G55.
If you want word look up and the ability to write kanji you don`t know the yomikata for, I would recommend the Cannon V80. So far I have yet to see the Cannon V80 for sale here in Hokkaido...but you can order it easily from the internet. They are roughly the same price.

Congradulations on completing your first year in Japan...please enjoy your time back home, ne!

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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