Monday, October 23, 2006

skeleton tea cups and stickers

Well, I went to a Halloween party dressed up like a skeleton (but deep down aren’t we all skeletons). And it was very fun, except that used these markers that are skin ok on my face and I felt the toxins kind of seeping in all day. That sucked.
Then, that night, I went to an exhibit this old man I met at my exhibit was having in Niihama. He is a famous, FAMOUS potter in Japan, making teacups, and, I kid you not, his cups sell for thousands. I guess he is the only living master using techniques a thousand years old in Japan. So, .see that cp in my hand, that is a $70,000 teacup I got to drink out of. I won’t lie; it felt amazing in my hands. The perfect weight. It was rough and smooth, I wanted to touch it for hours, and look at all the subtle colors…the thing seemed to glow. The tiny cup I’m holding in my fingers is valued at $5,000. Amazing, yeah? Also pictured are some other tea cups, all above 50 thousand, and some funny stickers I’ve found on students’ pencil cases.

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Rick Winfrey said...

Isn't it amazing here, the shirts, stickers, hats, and pencil cases sometimes, in just one item, contain the entire spectrum of consciousness? Isn't it so amazing too, that the messages are often seen as pictures, rather than messages? The play of a design and English lettering. Of course, that's not to say that all Japanese people don't understand what they are wearing. But I have my doubts when I see a mother walking with a child, with a t-shirt that says "YOU MOTHER FUCKER" on the back - somehow I have a feeling the meaning is missed.

You, you skeleton locked into this form. You tried to hide from Yourself again - and popped out into this world. Literally.

You, you taste it. It's glow first touches your tongue. It's nutrition nurishes your blood. Its spirit finances your life force. It's in every moment you are. Every moment, what else is You?

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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