Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I found a disturbing article on the blog Shameless and I’d like to know what you all think about this? Ever since I heard about Starbucks asking a woman breastfeeding to leave or go into the bathroom I have had another social issue highlighted in my awareness. Is this just another example of our Victorian "nakedness and woman=sex=sin" aspect of our western culture? Is breastfeeding, of all things, really obscene? Maybe to perverts. But honestly, I’ve always been a little jealous of those indigenous communities where woman and the men can BOTH be topless in the public domain.

Maybe pictures of topless MEN on facebook should be taken off for being obscene. To a certain sexual orientation, topless men can be very erotic. nipples are nipples. What do you all think about this? Should we boycott facebook? Will we stand for this?

And also, here is an update on the painting. I put an old man into it, and also some more orbs, lights, and gorintos.


Anonymous said...

I agree, most nipples like to be touched. I think its a shame about women not being able to breast feed in public, maybe they shouldn't even leave the house (sarcasm). Another fun controversy, among breast feeding mothers, is how long you should breast feed your child. It is a remarkably sensitive subject. Try it out by giving them your opinion, he he.


David said...

brilliant. "maybe they just shouldnt leave the house." im chuckling, but also reminded at how our own segrigation does indeed resemble a form of Middle Eastern extremism. "Women must be covered," after all.

Terri said...

i say boobies taste good til age five at least!


Terri said...

ooops....did i just use the word "boobies"?!?



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