Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Pilgrimage" and "Gratitude"

Wherever my travels may lead, paradise is where I am.
~ Voltaire

Here is an example of Yasuchika's butoh.

Check out more of Lauren's pictures from Japan! link to the right.

When we tug on a single thing in nature we find it attached to everything else.

~ John Muir

Painted all evening. There are two paintings I'm really trying to finish for the show. One is of the forest at Koyasan and the other is of the moon reflected on a pond. (Please give me feedback). i miss critiques.
I picked up the postcards for the show today (I ended up using the tree trunk painting) and I will begin distributing them tomorrow. The show is just about one month away. I’m most excited for Yasuchika to arrive from Tokyo. However, he asked me to collaborate with him and provide some of the the music for his performance. I don't have a drum, but I think I can find one by then. If not, I plan on using my large singing bowl. Butoh doesn't even require any music, so anything will do. Still, I’m a bit nervous. Practicing is going to be badass though.

My house is still recovering from a party I had this weekend. Over 30 people showed up. Tricia and I made a large pot of Indian curry. Everyone loved it, and I really enjoyed seeing everybody.

This morning I was biking to school in the heat, next to the highway, cars all backed up, one person per car, exhaust stinking up the hot air, nobody smiling. I could taste it in my mouth…disgusting. I saw toxic thoughts fill my mind like the chemicals in the air: “Look at them all. Polluting our air. What happened to car pooling?” Then I noticed the bikers all around me. Ah, the blessed bikers, old and young, cleanly and happily riding their bikes. The air-conditioned, fuel consuming, air-polluting drivers looked miserable waiting at the lights, pouring pollution into my body.
Very negative, toxic thoughts filled the air. And then, I turned off the main street, onto a tiny road surrounded by tall rice fields, and children on their way to school. One student said “David! Long time no see!” Happiness returned. High Five.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Yes. Yes.


Cuz Mark in Pittsburgh said...

Cuz, your painting style continues to impress me. I love the lighting (or lack thereof) in the moon painting. The moon is the one thing I look at when I need some cheering up (hence the tat on my arm). I would suggest some clearer objects closer to the viewer for some really sweet depth of field action.

I'm no painter, so I obviously can't critique too much, but I really love the second painting. Great use of color and light in there. The one-point perspective and little bit of complimentary colors in the center really help give the viewer's eyes something to focus on but then you are free to look about the painting... very nice, David.

David said...

you are such a talented human David. I simply adore your mind and the way it cretes such images of beauty.
Thank you brother.

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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