Friday, July 18, 2008

Taken by others

I thought you might like some pictures of me I found on the internet.  Traveler's Cafe, Matsuyama

Niihama Secret Garden Cemetery, Grandbetty's house?, Saijo, Yakushima
Niihama Secret Garden Blue Boat project!
Mt. Koya five-tiered pagodas symbolize the five elements that make up every body.
Mt. Koya Bridge into The Deep
Mt. Koya
Tokyo (Asakusa Shrine, really big deal)
Mt. Koya with random strangers
Taiko Festival with Damien and Niihama
The top Secret Garden in Niihama
Some tiny island, Okinawa. We had that entire beach to ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Fun to see you! mya

MADTF said...

Whoa! Where is that old picture from? :)

David said...

from sarah beth

Rahul said...

ur pics r nice....I was just curious to know hw u clicked one of the pic where u look kind of invisible? as it is 2 faded....
Please teach me English...笑。笑。u have nice flow of writin...

Chris said...

@Rahul, Hi, I'm a friend of Davids, and I took the ghost picture. It was a long exposure I took it in the evening as it was getting dark. Everyone stood very still. Bri moved out of the shot after about 5 seconds, David moved out after about 10 seconds, and Terri stayed still the whole time.

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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