Friday, July 25, 2008

The Fixations in Osaka

I'm now one of the backup singers for the sixties cover band The Fixations. Here is the flyer for our upcoming show. The next day (Sunday) I will bullet train it up to Tokyo to meet my cousin Mark and his girlfriend and some other people, have a picnic at Yoyogi park at 1:00, and then take a week to see Japan. Let me know if you can come and need details about the show or the picnic.


Anonymous said...

Sounds way fun. I hope someone takes some photos of you in the band. Wish we could see it. Where are you going to see more Japan? mya

Rahul said...

hey..the event sounds cool...r u gonna perform in it? スゲエ。。
見たいな。。詳細が欲しい。。lemme know the details...abut it..if possible I might go...2 c u..

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