Saturday, September 06, 2008

Painting update


Three Worlds

the sun and the moon

There are four birds, six moons, three eggs, and many faces hidden in this painting. Can you find them?
on my way to school. I love it how japanese people can burn their trash. it makes my town smell like India, and it adds semitransparent glazes of white light, hanging in the atmosphere.

delicate spiderwebs and dewdrops, freckles on My/Your/Its face,
are stunning when looked at closely (see above reflection). Right now they fill the rice fields in the mornings, and are destroyed by the afternoons.
Yasuchika Konno, the mind-boggling Butoh dancer from Tokyo, is coming again this year to collaborate with me at my painting show! Here is the poster I made.

Mrs. Yanagi and her son, Masaki, came over last night. Masaki, who was one of my students two years ago, was wearing the shirt and tai-pants I gave him...what a cutie. His mom brought over dinner, did my dishes, and then told me that, with all her kids away, she is getting pretty lonely. My mom at least has two of her children still living Kansas City. I joke around with Masaki sometimes about how sure, it sucks that he is about an hour train ride away from home, but I'm about a two day journey away from my mom. I win.


Mark Harman said...

David, I love your new painting... it has a great color palette. The spiral of leaves/birds/smiles going into the center of the canvas. Keep working on it and it'll be great. That other painting is becoming more aggressive every time I see it. I think it's a great painting. If you don't think it's done then it isn't.

Anonymous said...

i like that you made the baby more subtle. and i'm happy to hear about the 2nd collaboration!! it's totally your happy place!! miss you!

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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