Sunday, August 31, 2008

My trip to Kansas

Micheal Garfield in a tunic his mom gave him for Burning Man. This guy is a genius; please if you haven't already, check out his blog.
Here I am with my God-brother Will. We got to paint and roll around in the grass together.
Nick Garcia, puffn on a hookah Katy let me borrow for the pool party. Nick is a farmer and a promoter of the great Gandhi's "Be the change you wish to see in the world." I love him dearly.
Ben Dory. Sunlight in a skin sack.
Zack and I at the celebration for Obama in Lawrence. I know this is totally superficial and racist, but Obama is literally a symbol for integration. His face is a sign of new times, inspiring people all over the world. It doesn't even matter what he does; just being a young black man, born poor to a single mother from Kansas, brings the "promise of America" and the struggle for equality into a visual (superficial?) fruition. He really does symbolize change. And symbols are powerful organizing forces, don't you know it!
Zack and Julie at the Democrat's party in Lawrence. We went there to watch Obama give his acceptance speech. The atmosphere was crazy; everyone was so happy.
At the Spenser Museum the same night I got to see Tibetan artist Gonkar Gyatso speak about his life and work. “The recent Tibetan protests in Lhasa against Chinese occupation, and the related controversy around the Olympic torch relay worldwide prompted us to invite an artist who, through his exploration of Tibetan cultural identity, can provide fresh perspectives on the complex problems surrounding the rights of indigenous peoples in the contemporary world.”
That talk was fantastic.

Good, colorful, brilliant Malikai, an old friend from college. I ran into this "total inspiration
on Massachusetts Street. He was spreading info about Critical Mass to parked bicycles.
Kwan Yin. The Buddha of Compassion. This sculpture (along with the Caravaggio) is really what puts Kansas City's Nelson art museum on the map. I try to visit her as often as I can. The face fills me with calm, and her meaning fills me with compassion.
Black Rothko painting at the Nelson. This is a really good Rothko.
Leigh and I went to Solidarity!'s 7th birthday party in Lawrence. There were some amazing musicians and artists there, including Spoonboy. Mostly, though, I just watched Leigh.
My dad relaxing under the new roof he built.

This is Sam, one of my good friends from Lawrence. He took great care of me. Again, more generosity.
Peter and I at Loose Park. Peter has been a friend since Junior High; always very generous.


Mark Harman said...

Ahh... Kansas City... how I miss thee

Anonymous said...

fantastic! I miss you so much and think about the wonderful times we had in Kansas all the time.

Mark Harman said...

Oh wow I love the new stuff you added to the blog.

David, there is a movie you have to see... it is called "Once." Fantastic.

David said...

i saw it! and it's funny, peter (in the last picture) JUST gave me an album by The Frames. crazy.

Anonymous said...

here's super bummed that i missed hanging with you and zach together... next time... said...

Hi there,

I found your blog while looking for things to do in Niihama, the name rang a (faint) bell, and I realised I'd heard of you before! Just finished training for my new Niihama job, and had the good fortune to hang out with Ryan in Nagoya for the first weekend. He told me about this great friend of his... I think it might be you! So... any suggestions for things to do (or places to get CHEAP bikes) in town?

(I hope this is not too random, sorry!)

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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