Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stacking Rocks

Saturday I got to spend with Ashley, Dennis, Yukiko, and her sister.
We went to the Sekigawa river for a picnic. Rock-stacking is indigenous to Japanese culture, and whenever I find a secret spot deep in the mountains, I also find that someone has already been there. Japan is filled with Andy Goldsworthys.
Great balance.
The peaches looked so cool under water.
This is a bonzai garden we found by the river.
baby bonzai trees

I want to paint something like this: a self portrait in tree roots, with the sky and tree behind me, and a leaf or dead cicada in front.
This HUGE tree...



Mark Harman said...

Those stacks of rocks are absolutely amazing... as is the bonsai tree garden. That takes some serious skill!

Lau said...

I like the idea for the painting you described. The shape of the space in the roots with the water, it is very feminine. makes me think of water & life and the moon.

David said...


May all beings be Free and in Love.

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