Monday, December 29, 2008

for emily

Chris Romain told me this great quote. It's from the integralnaked blurb about Saul Williams.

"The goal is not to be color-blind, as our politically-correct society often tells us to be, but to allow ourselves to see the entire spectrum of color, much more vividly than ever before. From this integral vantage point, we can see that our similarities are where we find Truth, our differences are where we find Beauty, and navigating between the two is where we find our Goodness."

This year, my family and friends got Kapibara for Christmas. Japan has a way of making even the most random, ugly animals cute...

Here is another cute animal from Japan, Satoru. He is visiting me until the 5th. It's his first time to America so I have been trying to show him the greatest parts of Kansas City. We have already seen great KC Jazz and KC's best break dancers and poppers. We also got to see Ad Astra Per Aspera at the Record Bar. They blow my mind and take me back.

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