Saturday, January 03, 2009

new years

Paul, Satoru, and Eli, on a sunny day in Lawrence, Kansas. 
Molly invited me over to make art with her mom and brother.  In Kansas we have a lot of art parties. 
New Years.  

Kaw River. 

Three of the most beautiful girls I know, 
in the same room, making music. you know what I mean? 

Chris, Satoru, and Eli playing at the river. 

Everyone, this is Eli, 
Chris, and Satoru. sunlight on my face. 

The plane took off for Osaka, and I wrapped myself up in a blanket of sadness.   Day after day, moment after moment, I had run into love and light, care and caress, family and friends, i had been flooded in a constant current of care.  Leaving Kansas City was not as fun as it had been.  MYA.  It's good to know I have something extraordinary to fall back on. 
baby david.  Here I am. Who am I?  
a pen drawing for Cat. 
My last night in Kansas was spent with Leaf, Cat, Satoru, and Chris. We stayed up all night, total delight.  too much.  

I ran into Kristofer on the street; too much to handle. He and I were good friends back in college. it'd been so long.  He looked beautiful. 
Too much. 
Satoru was the greatest guest.  He never complained, and was always smiling and laughing.  
Drew, Leigh, and Satoru in front of the Anatsui at the Nelson Museum. That was an amazing day.  
Wonderful new years party as Shannon's. 
Stopped by Leigh's on our way home. Molly, Satoru, Leena, and Leigh, all together?  no. 
And this. One reason Satoru and I met was because he reminded me of my good friend Josh, and Here they are together, smiling for the camera.  You should have seen them;  they loved each other immediately.  too much. 


Anonymous said...

You, your family, your friends and Kansas kicked my ass!!
Holly Fuckin Shitt!!!
It is fabulous. And thanks for a coincidence to meet you!

David said...

Magical times David!
I am so happy to see that your return trip home was full of angels.

Welcome back to Japan brother.

Anonymous said...

Each picture remind me good memory. I miss you.
Sometime I think If i could stop the time when I were in good time. but it means I would lose a chance to have next time.
I hope I could hung out with you soon.
Of course not only in Japan. Wherever.
Also David was surprised to see me in the earth.

Kyle Markham said...

I am glad you two made it back alright. Having you both come to my home was an honor. I will miss you greatly until the next time you return.

Keep it real!

Much love to my brothers from afar,


leighbird said...

your winds howled through here fast and hard and seeing you was like growing old and young. our branches twisted together and our love spans centuries. i love you so much.
thank you for finding satoru.
he is a smiling old bodhisattva watching us grow out of our patterns like babies learning words.
and like this we exist,

lendmeyourteeth said...

i love how in that photo you took of you as a baby, there is not only your reflection in the frame around it but also that your hand holding the frame is also there... AND the fact that baby david is looking at you and also at all of us.


Mark Harman said...

Hey david! It was definitely great seeing you and the other cousins and all of your friends! I hope Satoru had a good time. It sure looks like he did. Anyways, I hope we can see each other again before Christmas. Now I must go, but I will leave you with a great YouTube video of a great Super Mario reenactment.

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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