Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm so proud of my friend Michael Garfield; he's prolific, and talented, and experimental. This is the cover of his new album Scapegoat, available for free download here. Just have a quick listen. I liked it immediately; the acoustic guitar speaks! It hums and laughs and enters into shamanic fits...but it also weaves together a blanket of the familiar:  campfire folk music. Immediately with the first sound on the first song, not only am I sitting by the crackling campfire listening to my old college friend's hypnotic, 
rolling acoustic guitar tuck me tightly into the stars, I'm also trying to 
wrap my head 
around the crazy samples and belligerent beats making 
their debut on the stage 
of my neurosystem. This artifact contains UFO's from the future, 
twangy guitars from the past, 
spontaneous jazz from the present--this music comes at me from all angels.  
angles. Whatever... both/and. I've never heard a finger snap and guitar sound like this before. Word up. 
This is the Announcement. 
And when the angels sang, 
We heard music. 

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May all beings be Free and in Love.

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