Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Weekend

This year's was exceptional.  Friday night I went to Bellinis for the monthly Open Mic and at midnight, the lights went down, and suddenly the band on stage, which was Chris, Caleb, Ty, Amy, Tricia, Emily, and Melissa began singing to me the greatest sounding happy birthday I have ever heard.  I turned around and Pat, the bar owner, presented me with a cake. What a great surprise! 

The next day I spent with friends, at the onsen, coffee shop...I saw some of my "bad" students by Mr. Donut and decided to buy them some and these particular kids, who hate teachers and usually tell them (and me) to die and go away, were so happy, said "thank you" in english, and happy birthday. Then at night I had a party at my house.  Very special people came. Yasu came. And ashley made me a cake. Then sunday was spent with Emily and Bri, lazy, which was the best. We ate Indian food for lunch, and Italian for dinner...We watched 28 Weeks Later in the morning and The Bucket List before bed.


Anonymous said...

Im so happy I knew you could have great time.
However at the same time, Im jealous you and your friends!

Terri said...

You are so fucking lucky and deserve it more than anyone I know.

your T-chyan

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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