Tuesday, February 17, 2009

whisper of the heart

Here is the newest layer to "Ground."  I hope the couple who commissioned this painting like it. I sure do. Babies like bubbles. 

And I started this other baby painting today. It's a little portrait of my friend Rin. Can you see the gorinto tombstone in the background? I also painted in a crow, shide, and space beings.  The blues are much brighter than in this photograph. 
The annual global party happend in niihama last sunday.  It was amazing, having so much diversity in one afternoon; sharing, laughing, learning.  Universal Heart was opened. 
These are pics from the night before, Valentines Day at Bellinis. 
enlarge this one and look at these amazing people! 
Beautiful people showed up. 

And these are from my birthday party. More beautiful people. 

The World of GOLDEN EGGS

This is a really funny Japanese show that some of my students refer to sometimes.  The comedians doing the voices are brilliant, and the animation is pretty clever. 

One of my teachers asked me the difference between finally and at last.  Hmm. That's a tough one. 

I finally saw Whisper of the Heart. 
I saw Whisper of the Heart at last. 

Whisper of the Heart is another movie by master Miyazaki Hayao. My family told me to see is ages ago, but I never did. "It's my favorite Miyazaki film," my aunt said.  Well, I (finally) saw it (at last). And yeah, the song "Country Roads" plays an interesting role throughout the entire film. It's fascinating.  And not unexpectedly the art by Kazuo Oga is superb. I saw an exhibition of his paintings in Matuyama a few weeks ago with Takashi, who also told me this was his favorite Miyazaki film. I saw some of the backgrounds to this movie at the museum and the play between detail, realism, and abstraction made me think of Norman Rockwell. I want my friends and family to know that this is what Japan looks like.  You don't all have to visit; just watch a Miyazaki film like this one. 

This film is also fitting because it's about Junior High School students, who I'm surrounded by all day everyday.  I think I cried. 

The story is about two young artists, a writer and a violinist, who read the same books, and fall in love with each other. These are good clips. The last one is a great introduction to the art. 

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Terri said...

you know
i never cry
but in the second clip
the sound of the cicadas
made me.

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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