Saturday, June 06, 2009

George caught a Tai, one of only 40 that we put into the bay. A young, drunk chef in the camp next to ours cut it up for us. It was delicious. George then ate the shirako, "the best part." 

Tateboshiami Festival in Saijo. Fish are dumped into the netted off bay and then the town runs in to catch them with nets.  Afterwards, it's grilled fish and sashimi all afternoon on the beach. 

At the wedding. 
The traditional, Shinto wedding began and ended with big, loud taiko drums. What an experience! 

My friend Go took me to meet his calligraphy teacher today. As I received instruction a constant flow of students came and left the little room. I was immediately reminded of my watercolor teacher growing up. Go's teacher told me that I had to use my right hand for calligraphy, and at first I was resistant (I'm left handed), but I tried it out and boy was it exciting!  I felt liberated from my left hand, liberated into the shape and flow of the kanji. Here I am writing the character 夢 which means "dream." both the noun and the verb.  It's kind of an awkward character, isn't it? dream. It's a little lopsided, and yet it stays balanced, just like the other kinds of dream.  


Alicia Cox said...

you're a beautiful calligraphy writer, david! i once received a set of calligraphy pens and instructions, but i was too impatient for the practice. does your aunt still manage the sale of your prints from your website? or, do you do it? i'd like to buy a bunch. i love you.

Anonymous said...

that yume is so beautiful! it's been so long since i've looked at your blog. it was amazing to see a picture of you and katsu. it's wonderful to see ehime. i can't wait to come and visit! are you staying for another year? i hope all is terrific. love, stacey

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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