Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chris Romain

Here he is walking through the Zen Monastery. 
Sitting next to that tree I like to paint. 

At the Shinkansen.
First place Chris wanted to visit was Koyasan, where Kukai is buried. 
"Please take me to that forest." 

Two of my monk friends, Yuma and Maiko, met us in the forest and taught us some secret Shingon mudras. 

The Yanagi's took us out for Korean food.  
Afterwards we relaxed at my place and listened to Masaki play the guitar. 

Here is Chris at one of my schools. I'm not supposed to post pictures of the kids, but you cant really see their faces here, so I think it will be ok. 
They LOVE him. 
Tasuku took us into the forest near his house. We played in the creek and hiked up a hill to look at Niihama. 
Tasuku. (enlarge this picture and see how absolutely beautiful this boy is.) He shares my my love for India and secret forts. 

A bunch of us went to see the holy tree by Seki-river. 
Chris pointed out an old wasp nest. 
Sara and Josh

After the tree we went swimming in the river. 

Trish and her sister playing on the rocks. They both fell in. 
Emily in her element.  
That night the Yanagi's invited us to Grandmother's house for a feast, and it was an excuse for  Trisha's 17 year-old sister to meet 18 year-old Masaki. We took prom-pictures of the couple. They were glowing, and beautifully embarrassed.

In the elivator at my place. That's Hideyuki in the bottom right. He has become a very good friend of mine. That's also him under the gate to Matsuyama Shrine. 


Alicia Cox said...

chris abani is amazing. did you know he teaches at my school, uc riverside? in one of my classes, we read his novel _virgin of flames_, and he came and spoke with our class one we had finished it. what a teacher!

~Kelley~ said...

these pictures make me miss you and chris and all our friends more and more...

i'll always love you guys!

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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