Friday, July 20, 2012

Within the recent blast of solar storms, the wedding in Colorado was magical, mystical, and chaotic. (I felt a little and on-edge all last week, didn't you? read about heliobiology and how solar activity can influence our thoughts. This study here also shows how geomagnetic activity effects our dreams.) So much went right, but so much also went bizarrely wrong (like most weddings, I imagine). I've read that during the solar maximum it is not only murders, terror attacks, accidents, and health problems that increase, but creativity in sciences and arts also improves, and many developments are experienced in the evolutionary process. The recent wedding ceremony is a perfect example of this (I wont give details, but all of you who went know what I mean.) Overlooking vast, mountainous space, wrapped in wind, the Native American preacher played his flute as the procession ushered in our radiant bride.  We all cried.  Then the soft rain began, and our preacher delighted in the sign and said "In our native American teachings, rain is a blessing for a marriage. Rain brings new life." There was a smudging, then prayers to the four directions, then shortly after the ceremony ended, the rain stopped. Everyone danced together, all ages, all types. It was magical.  On our way home i was reintroduced to the flint hills and am now determined to paint them. 

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Anonymous said...

(((thank you)))

for determining to paint

those hills

i'm so homesick for them

and would love to see them

as you do

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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