Saturday, September 01, 2012

First Thesis Meeting

I had my first thesis committee meeting Friday. They told me my strengths and weaknesses, steered me around the “stage and curtain” motif I’ve been working with, and instead supported my thesis statement about tiny naked bodies inserted into unstructured, "neo-romantic" scenery. They particularly liked this painting. I think the remixed figure can act like a jewel embedded in stone…They also liked my idea to insert my own body and those of my friends. Instead of appearing narcissistic, they decided that lofty, impersonal, universal pronouncements are more egotistical, and using my own body may actually evince humility. What do you think? My first assignment is to paint 30 small paintings, one a day, riffing on themes of vulnerability, nature, and death, and then they will choose which ones are the strongest and in need of focus. I’m so excited!!! 


David said...

I hope you post some photos of your paintings. You overflow with such natural talent David.

David said...

Thank you David. It takes one to know one!!! i miss you

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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