Sunday, September 16, 2012

To the Bird

Here are some of my student's work.  
 Im very happy with these "process" drawings. 

Jack and I are going to do the Color Run next weekend. It will be my first race. 
And here are more memes for you. 
 and more male roles

 male roles

#Integral Sexuality/Gender/Ethics

oh relationships 
 more white male gender roles.
It's interesting that all the highschool school shootings have been done by white boys who were called faggot or emasculated in some way (see Kimmel, 2012. Manhood in America.) However their whiteness and gender never really made it into the discussion.   

 i like this structure

 great realist paintings of our houses from above by Amy Bennett. they look like toys (first she builds tiny models and then she paints them).


 Thanks for the tiny worlds, Tessa Farmer.

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