Friday, August 05, 2005


So, yesterday I visited this large, old Japanese house. It smelled good and just kind of resonated with balance and harmony. Peace man. Then at night, we met the new JET Jesse who just got into town and went to Trisha’s to play scrabble. I tried a little Absinth with sugar (which is totally legal here) and it made me feel kind of stoned. Later, my mouth got the better of me. We were talking about whether or not there was an "objective" universe, and whether science can even prove that the universe is real, and I accidentally mentioned that that Pringles can sitting in front of us is in fact inside of us, or inside of our awareness. We got onto the can because we were talking about color and how Totally subjective it is, and I just ended up splurging that it is not us that are aware of the Pringles can, but the Pringles can is aware of itself through our subjectivity. This caused the room to be silent.” how do you mean?" My challenger spoke. Then I had to result to the "looking for the hearer of the sounds" the basic Buddhist example and the subject/object split and how that dissolves the instant an investigation takes place into the nature of the "seer, the seeing, and the seen” the three activities that collapse into one happening (or one experience. And, as you know, experience is another word for awareness). blah blah blah, I sounded like a dipshit and a dumbass smartass i am afraid.
But, in the end, maybe I planted a seed that will spike their mind stream with a new dreamy glow.
Right now I am going to visit a thousand year old tree that lives down the street from me at the Ikku Shinto shrine, one of the most revered shrines in all Japan. I’ll take some picutures of her after we meet, and I’ll write a little inspired poetry, directed mostly toward Eli, who told me to go learn something from her.

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