Sunday, August 21, 2005

Some Wilber

"...The real world is not given to you twice – one out there, one in here. That "twiceness" is exactly the meaning of "duality." Rather, the real world is given to you once, immediately – it is one feeling, it has one taste, it is utterly full in that one taste, it is not severed into seer and seen, subject and object, fragment and fragment. It is a singular, of which the plural is unknown. You can taste the mountain; it is the same taste as your Self; it is not out there being reflected in here – that duality is not present in the immediateness of real experience. Real experience, before you slice it up, does not contain that duality – real experience, reality itself, is "non-dual." You are still you, and the mountain is still the mountain, but you and the mountain are two sides of one and the same experience, which is the one and only reality at that point.

If you relax into present experience in that fashion, the separate self-sense will uncoil; you will stop standing back from life; you will not have experience, you will suddenly become all experience; you will not be "in here" looking "out there" – in here and out there are one, so you are no longer trapped "in here."

And so suddenly, you are not in the bodymind. Suddenly, the bodymind has dropped. Suddenly, the wind doesn't blow on you, it blows through you, within you. You are not looking at the mountain, you are the mountain–the mountain is closer to you than your own skin. You are that, and there is no you – just this entire luminous display spontaneously arising moment to moment. The separate self is nowhere to be found.

The entire sensation of "weight" drops altogether, because you are not in the Kosmos, the Kosmos is in you, and you are purest Emptiness. The entire universe is a transparent shimmering of the Divine, of Primordial Purity. But the Divine is not someplace else, it is all of this shimmering. It is self-seen. It has One Taste. It is nowhere else.

"Spirit knows itself objectively as nature; knows itself subjectively as mind; and knows itself absolutely as Spirit."

The greater the depth of transcendence, the greater the burden of inclusion.

David here. i think this last quote is intereting. to me it explains why some people feel like it is their responsability to save the world. Environmentalists, Vegitarians and vegans, Human rights activists, monks, nuns, helpers of all kinds actually. It is as if one's depth reaches so deep and so wide that it includes all people or all earth's creaturs, and seeing all these beings as part of one's true nature carries with it a painful love that never stops careing, and will never rest until all it's parts are free adn happy. We can only care about others when we can identify with them, or as i have said ealier in this blog, is seems like moral or conscious development is really just the development of who or what we identify with and therefore who or what we can care for. what do you think?

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