Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Some Trungpa

Today i read some excellent Chogyam Trungpa. Here is an excerpt. He is talking about how to deal with confusion. The slogan (or chapter) is called "Seeing confusion as the four kayas is unsurpassable shunyata protection."
(the four kayas are the four aspects of Buddha mind, and shunyata means emptiness or voidness (also meaning infinite fullness or release)
"Shunyata is the best protection because it cuts the solidity of your beliefs. "I have my solid thought" or "This is my grand thought" or "My thought is so cute" or "In my thoughts I visualize a grand whatever" or "The star men came down and talked to me" or "Genghis Khan is present in my mind" or "Jesus Christ himself manifested in my mind" or "I have thought of the most tremendous scheme for how to build a city, or how to write a tremendous musical comedy, or how to conquer the world"-it could be anything, from that level down to: "How am I going to earn my living after this?" or "What is the best way for me to sharpen my personality so that I will be visible in the world?" or "How I hate my problems!" All of those schemes and thoughts and ideas are empty! If you look behind their backs, it is like looking at a mask. If you look behind a mask, you see that it is hollow. There may be a few holes for the nostrils and the mouth-but if you look behind it, it doesn’t look like a face anymore, it is just junk with holes in it. Realizing that is your best protection. You realize that you are no longer the greatest artist at all, that you are not any of your big ideas. You realize that you are just authoring absurd, nonexistent things. That is the best protection for cutting confusion."
I love that guy!

They began cutting the rice fields this week, changing the once bright green fields to muddy brown patches, or smooth reflective pools, sky blue. Incredible how everything can change overnight.

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