Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It’s windy, and everyone’s clothes are waving dangerously wild on the balconies.

Does it strike anyone else as odd (or erotic) that 73% of the people who read my blog have had a homosexual experience? True, many of my friends are gay or bisexual, but THAT many? Come on. Maybe most of these homosexual encounters were just one-time-only experiments, (after all, you know what they say, (with movies like American Pie): when guys get horny, anything goes).The same is true with women, of course. Not to downplay any of these rare, spontaneous, homo-love experiences. I mean, most of them were probably pretty emotional, pretty erotic… It is “making love,” after all, and love-making is a good thing, always. In this fragmented world we could use some more love, homo and hetero, I always say. But it’s just hard to believe that so many of my readers are, or have been…queer. Actually, I guess in this particular pool of people it is the "heterosexual" crowd which is the minority, the outsiders, the queers. Interesting.

I'm just happy to know that so many of my readers are able to make love with the same sex. That's a really good thing.

Winter came today, under the disguise of sunny and bright.

wind biting my bluing face
Where’d I put my coat?


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's that shocking. I'm a visitor your site, because I stumbled across it by accident but was then moved by your art and musings...I consider myself straight, have been married, divorced, and I'm a mother...but I also had my time in college where I was experimenting with lots of different taboos I guess...(or challenging my stereotypical small town beliefs) I will never regret my experience with R. and I found her to be highly erotic and it was a very sensual experience....it was more sensual than sexual and yet a deeply moving and gratifying experience...I do remember my organismic moment with a shocked thought, "Oh no! I must be gay!" and I laugh at that now...good times good times...

Anonymous said...

Serious selction threats to generalizing beyond this sample. Hate to say it, but I am very critical of research methods these days.

Rod said...

You need more data before you draw conclusions about the implications.

My Yes vote - for a number of 'experiences', very broadly defined - in no way supports your thesis. Every one of those Yes votes tells a different story.

These experiences were all opportunistic and ego-driven attempts to satisfy appetite, which is precisely why they're not regarded especially highly by many people who have had them or observed them. (Just to clarify a little.)

There's a subtext to this little new section of the blog methinks ;-)

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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