Friday, November 07, 2008

The Star and The Heart

Paul Lonely reviewed Michael Garfield's Get Used to being Everything! And in it he describes Micheal so well: "So here we have it; a 24 year old meta singer song-writer who is part Hunter S. Thompson (Michael is a professional essayist), part Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (Michael is a trained paleontologist), part Joseph Albers (except Michael paints fractals), part Ken Wilber (Michael is earning his Masters in Integral Theory), part Timothy Leary (self explanatory) and all the while creating integrative artifacts to this point unrecognized as being a more evolved Bob Dylan and embedding it in a message that would have Deepak Chopra bobbing his head to the beat. For all souls fortunate enough to be vibing at a similar frequency, this young musician and his lifestyle can be seen, quite simply, as part of The Announcement." You will love this article, I think.


The screen saver turned into a beautiful kaleidoscope of pink hearts unfolding into each other and a question formed in my head. I leaned over to Jin and asked him in Japanese,
"Is the heart also a Japanese symbol?"
"No, not really(iie, betsuni). But we like it. Girls especially. Girls like it a lot, but boys, not really."
"Yeah, it's really girly in America, too. Very feminine. I wonder if there is a more masculine symbol?"
"The star."
"Yes, totally. The star is masculine. It represents Light [and Freedom, and Wisdom. It's biblical. It means Kingship, as well as guidance]."
"And it means independence. The American flag, for example, uses it to represent the independent states."
"Yes, the Territories."
"It's also a symbol of Power."
"And Freedom."
"And don't forget Light."
"Well, yeah. Light itself a great symbol for wisdom, freedom, and power."
"It's very masculine."
"Yeah, men like all those things."
"The heart, on the other hand, is a symbol of Love, Life, the earth."
"All of creation."
"Yes, Exactly. The two are Freedom and Fullness"
'"Light and Love."

"Heaven and Earth."
"Wisdom and Compassion."
"The masculine and the feminine."
"The Star and the Heart. And both are really popular symbols."
"All over the world."
"And both are very real experiences, real energies."
"I think it's important to consider that both energies, the masculine and the feminine, the star and the heart, are good, of course. Both are equally fantastic. I mean shit, they are Freedom and Love! But they are both best experienced together [androgyny as an alchemical symbol for integration]."
"Yeah, they deepen each other."
"Oh yeah (ho yo)."
"And since men already have freedom and the desire for freedom, they probably could use more love and the desire for love."
"And women could use more freedom and the desire for freedom."
"Balance (barensu) is best (saiko).
"Naturally (atarimae)."
"And both energies are inside everyone."
"That's the deeper meaning of androgyny (ryosei)."
"Yes (Hai)"
"I'll be right back."

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Michael Garfield said...

Oh man, you've seeded in me a new manifesto. I KNEW there was a reason hearts and stars go together! Thanks for explicating it.


May all beings be Free and in Love.

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